About Belarusian Democracy Institute

Belarusian Democracy Institute Inc. is a not-for-profit tax-exempted 501(c)(3) corporation found by Belarusian immigrants in the United States for the purpose of support of democratic reforms in Belarus. All donations for the Belarusian Democracy Institute are tax deductible. The main office of the Belarusian Democracy Institute is located in Aurora, Colorado.

Belarusian Democracy Institute is a membership corporation, and anyone who supports our goals may join our organisation.

We support changes in Belarus mainly through giving help to institutions and private persons in the United States and Belarus, who’s activity is related to our goals. Generally we do not provide grants, but we have some resources to distribute it throughout others.

At this moment we provide free web hosting for our clients, mainly:

  • Youth of Belarusian Popular Front – Belarus-based non-for-profit organisation of youth supporters of Belarusian Popular Front;
  • Belarusian Students’ Association – forbidden by Belarusian government independent organisation of students;
  • Ščodryca – folk-group from Belarus;
  • Belarusian-American Bar Association – organisation of American lawyers with Belarusian roots;
  • Belarusian America project – resources portal for new Belarusian-Americans;
  • Boris Stomahin – Russian political prisoner who was put into prison for free speach.

Also we gave support for the First Volunteer Hospital in the name of Pirogov. Those doctors provide free medical services for Ukrainian soldiers who fight against Russian aggression in the Eastern Ukraine.