About Us

Belarusian Democracy Institute Inc. is an American tax-exempted not-for-profit public foundation. BDI supports Belarusian freedom. We are engaged in several projects, including legal support of the arrested Belarusian activists and direct help to their families.

BDI exists since 2014 and is recognized as unrestricted public foundation under IRC Sec.501(c)(3) effective the date of incorporation. You may find our Determination letter here, and check our other public tax information here. According to the US tax law, BDI shall publish its financial statements annually and make it available for the public. We meet this requirements through submission of the tax Form 990, which is available under the above-mentioned link.

The Board of Directors of BDI has three members: Youras Ziankovich, a Belarusian-American politician and lawyer; Dzmitry Shchyhielski, a Belarusian psychiatrist and public person; and Dr.Sam Kliger, sociologist and former Soviet dissident.

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